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The Fishing. The Footy, The Islands, The Wildlife & Oh, yes–our North Queensland Lifestyle!

Townsville, North Queensland, 4810, Australia —offers something to satisfy everyone’s tastes.

Yes, our city is a magnet, capturing the hearts of tourists from across Australia and around the globe. Not only does the Townsville region capture hearts, but it also captures a lot of sunlight aswell!.

The Townsville solar region averages approximately 3139+ hours of bright sunlight a year, so it’s no surprise that even more smart and innovative Townsville property owners are now investing into Solar power faster than ever before.

Townsville Solar Installations

We want to keep Townsville—and Australia—clean and green

Townsville is named a Solar City, as one of Australia’s 7 Solar Cities, Townsville has already recorded 22,000+ solar power installations in the Townsville region and a large number of solar power-oriented projects and solar farms. Yes, it’s true, solar energy is a natural choice for the region. Nearly nine hours of sun per day shine on our city, on average. We get more hours of sun per year—3139, in fact!—than any city in Australia other than Perth.

We even get more than Darwin. Ha, take that Darwin!

Not to mention a lot of heat. The average temperature in Tropical North Queensland hovers near 29 degrees Celsius year-round. No wonder they bred them hard and tough, here in North Queensland.

Even with the wet season and our cyclones, Townsville is an ideal location for solar power—especially if you support a solar power installer that knows our local climate.
At Townsville Solar, we do.

Our Townsville Solar Team

But for you—and our team at Townsville Solar—our city is simply home. At our locally-owned Townsville Solar Company, we’re committed to capturing the tropical Queensland’s sun’s rays and transforming them into power for your home as well as business, while saying goodbye to expensive increasing energy bills forever

Townsville Solar Company

Our Townsville Solar Company idea was born back in early 2013 although brought to life in 2020, but that doesn’t mean we’re the new bloke on the block. Mathew Harms and his business, Harms Electrical Services has honing the solar system sector as Harms Electrical Services for over a decade. In 2018, Harms Electrical Services was voted by Townsville Bulletin’s readers for the best all round Electrical Company out of 10 prestigious Townsville Electrical companies.

We have grown purely on good old fashion Aussie hard work and upfront transparency. Our relentless hard work has paid off for us, as we are one of the fastest-growing solar companies in Townsville, relying solely on word of mouth and consistent referrals.

Now, we exclusively focus on solar energy solutions and the future demands of Solar here in North Queensland as Townsville Solar. We provide high-quality solar panel installation, supplies, and solar hot water services to the Townsville and North Queensland region.

Three Reasons For Choosing Townsville Solar

1. Flexible Financing Options & No Hidden Costs

Let Townsville Solar help you buy the best solar systems Townsville for your money, average daily energy usage without breaking the bank or investing in a cheap system. We offer you flexible financing options so you’ll feel right knowing you brought the right solar system the first time round and not worrying about upgrading in later years. We offer you a 100% transparency guarantee, feel glad you contacted us before getting confused and cheated by unethical solar salesmen.

2. Townsville Solar Experts Who Are Always There For You.

Feel glad knowing you invested with a local solar company that will always be there for you if you ever need support or expert local advice. Our customers often become lifelong friends because of the overall experience and service we demand on ourselves. We only employ local Townsville certified Solar and Electrical professionals to keep our town & community abundant and thriving. Locals support locals and we are proud to be born and bred here.

3. Upfront Transparency and Relentless Honesty

We have been around for over a decade here in the Townsville region and have grown purely on word of mouth and consistent referrals. We only use and recommend our tried and tested best solar brands & best solar products, putting durability and reliability first when installing, servicing or repairing your Solar systems. When we leave your property, you can rest assured knowing what we installed will last and has a second to none Service Guarantee for life!

Townsville Solar Panel Provider

For Townsville’s hot, sunny, and sometimes harsh climate, we generally recommend either polycrystalline or monocrystalline solar panels. We also offer some other solar panel options if you prefer a special model or brand.

We’ll discuss your property, your power needs, and your budget to help select the best product for your project.

Best Solar Company in Townsville

What makes us the best solar company in Townsville? YOU—our customers.

We have the knowledge and skill to design, install, maintain, and repair the solar power system at your home or business. We can also install a solar hot water system—or both.

But our work is never about us. It’s about you—your power needs, your budget requirements, and your total satisfaction.

Townsville’s #1 Solar System Providers

Can we truly say we’re the #1 solar providers in Townsville? Maybe not yet. But we’ll strive to shine and reach that goal. Because why would we want to be anything else but the best solar company in Townsville?

And our customers will always be our chief focus. That will always be our commitment to service—from the quote to the completed solar power system to be fitter by a registered, Townsville Electrical company

Why Choose Us As Your Solar Power Provider in Townsville?

Townsville Solar is a local company dedicated to providing environmentally friendly solar power. We know the area. We know the climate. And we get to know our customers—in fact, you are our neighbours! We hope not to just call you our customer though, we like to think and treat our customers as close mates.

We’re not one of those fly-by-night Southern vendors who only swoops in for some shoddy work and swoops out with a pocket full of money. Our commitment to quality and customer service is unparalleled and is why we have been a successful local company or over a decade.

You’ll always have our support, whether you need an install, routine maintenance, a repair, or even just a quick question about hiring a Townsville electrician for your solar system.

Reach Out To Us And Say G’Day

Contact Townsville Solar for a no obligation energy audit and solar systems quote or feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns you might have about solar systems & solar panels in Townsville.

Why Choose Townsville Solar?

At Townsville Solar we provide unparalleled and unbeatable services & systems for the greater Townsville region.

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