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At Townsville Solar, we know electrical and we know solar power. And after a decade of providing electrical service here to the region of  Townsville 4810, we are now committed to being the best solar installers in Townsville.

Townsville Solar Installations

We started as an electrical services company, demonstrating our expertise in power services and dedication to our customers. We started More than a decade ago as Harms Electrical Services and voted by Townsville Bulletin’s readers for 2018 as, Townsville’s Best Electrical contractor.

Today, we have grown even more into the Solar sector to capture the ever-growing demands of solar systems in Townsville. In 2020 we have branched out and built a sister company, named Townsville Solar. Our new solar company and the new name, emphasize our commitment to sustainable solar energy into the future for the Townsville region.

Now, we’re aiming to shine with a full slate of solar power services, including new installations, solar maintenance, and solar repair. If you need a top solar electrical contractor in Townsville, we’re here to help no matter the size of your budget.

Three Reasons For Choosing Our Solar Installers Townsville

1. Flexible Financing Options & No Hidden Costs

Let Townsville Solar help you have the ideal solar system for your average daily energy usage without breaking the bank or investing in a cheap system. We offer you flexible financing options so you’ll feel right knowing you got the right solar system the first time and not worrying about upgrading in later years. We offer you a 100% transparency guarantee, feel glad you hired us as your Townsville solar installer.

2. Expert Solar Installers Townsville Who Are Always There For You.

Feel rest assured knowing you invested with a local solar installation company in Townsville that will always be there for you if you ever need support or expert local advice. Our customers often become lifelong friends because of the overall experience and service we demand on ourselves. We only employ local Townsville certified Solar installers and Electrical professionals to keep our town & community abundant and thriving. Locals support locals and we are proud to be born and bred here.

3. Upfront Solar Installation Transparency and Relentless Honesty

We have been around for over a decade here in the Townsville region and have grown purely on word of mouth and consistent referrals. We only use and recommend our tried and tested solar brands & best solar products, putting durability and reliability first when installing, servicing or repairing your Solar systems. When we leave your property, you can rest assured knowing what when we install your solar system, it was installed right the first time and has a Service Guarantee for life.

Installing Solar Into Your Townsville Property?

Townsville is a great place to be a solar system installer. In 2006, our city in Tropical North Queensland was included in Australia’s Solar Cities program, developed to test sustainable electricity models.  

We have a keen understanding of, and appreciation for, our unique local climate. We’re proud to continue the trend towards a more sustainable energy future in Townsville.

If you’re a Townsville resident or business owner, you’re already well aware of the sun’s power in our region. We get close to nine hours of sun a day and see more than 300 sunny days a year. So why not make great use of our sunny climate to generate electricity?

Solar installation in Townsville is a terrific investment. You’ll save money in the long run, avoid growing electric prices, and help save our planet by reducing carbon emissions.

Purchasing A Solar Power System?

Solar power is a renewable resource, and so is high-quality service from Townsville’s soon-to-be-premier solar panel installers—Townsville Solar.

A solar power system is a significant, though worthwhile, investment. We want to be sure you know what you’re paying for. As part of our commitment to service, we will provide:

  • An itemized quote showing details of the system design, products used, and anticipated output of your proposed system 
  • Details on the manufacturers’ warranties for any components we use, as well as the warranty on our work 
  • A sense of understanding. 

As one of the fastest growing and best solar power installers in Townsville, we’re the experts for you. That means you don’t have to be. At the same time, we want to make sure you understand your quote, how we install your solar power system, panels and process, and the commitment to post-install care we put at your disposal. 

Solar Installation and Services in Townsville

At Townsville Solar, we don’t merely install your panels and disappear. We’re committed to top-level, ongoing service. We want to ensure your satisfaction for the duration of your system. 

As part of your solar system project, we will:

  • Secure pre-approval, prepare all relevant paperwork and connect your solar system to the appropriate electric network
  • Communicate with your electricity distributor or retailer to make sure your electric meter is modified or replaced, so it works smoothly with your new solar system
  • Inspect and assess your Townsville roofing requirements for the best positioning of your system to collect the most sunlight.
  • Develop a regular maintenance schedule to ensure safe, efficient, and long-lasting operation of your solar system
  • Inspect your solar system and advise you or any cleaning or repair needed to keep your system at optimal performance

Contact Townsville Solar Today

Townsville Solar is here to provide the services you need. Contact us if you are:

  • Looking for a quote
  • Ready to schedule an installation
  • Wanting routine maintenance
  • Needing a repair
  • Just have a solar system installation question

We’re proud to be local solar installers in Townsville region -4810, providing top service during your solar panel installation and beyond. Contact us today for a quote!

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